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Mamba 8.1 and Axiom 8.5 SALE


I am currently selling Two kayaks,

The first is a White and Green Mamba 8.1. It has only the usually river rush. I removed the lunch tray to make it lighter and because the lunch tray is pointless. I have also added extra foam under the seat to increase the longevity of the kayak. Would be suitable for small and medium paddlers. 1100

AXIOM IS SOLD The Second is an Orange and red Axiom 8.5. It has the old outfitting in it which is lighter and more comfortable than the newer outfitting. It is a Great kayak, super playful and still a wicked river runner. It is still in great condition. I am 6'1" with size 13 feet and I can get in it nicely with a little room to spare. 950 ono

Both kayaks are currently in Auckland. Feel free to askfor pictures and more info at zhaneharvey@gmail.com or 0223662235.


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I'm interested in the axiom, but located in chch - is shipping possible / any idea what it would cost?

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