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DryTop, PFD, Throwbag!!!!!!

Salamander Throw Bag ( $90 OBO )
-20m length
-Only used a handful of times
-Great condition!
Level 6 Dry Top ( $280 OBO )
-Only used handful of times
-Great condition!
Kokotat Maximus PFD ( $300 OBO )
-2x Slings
-2x Prussics
-Compact, just enough space for
safety gear and snack!
-Only used a handful of times
-......Great condition!
NRS Pilot River Knife ( $50 OBO )

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paddycantkayak's picture

Where are you located ad any chance of pastage? Could be keen on drytop!

RayO's picture

Feel free to text me at...... 021 1743562

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