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Werner powerhouse straight shaft

200cm great paddle in big water.


  • IMG_20170420_231701.jpg
chrisosauskas's picture

This seller never responded to my previous port (and I presume to the other posts). The paddle is most likely sold or no longer for sale.

NDH87's picture

Hello, If you don't mind, i'd like to get more information about the paddle. What is its condition? is it still for sale? Where are you located? please send me more photos to harpaznir@gmail.com
Thank you

melpenn's picture

Hey - is this still for sale? And where are you located?

TB27's picture

Has this sold?

chrisosauskas's picture

Please send more photos to chrisosauskas@yahoo.com
What's the offset? Length 200cm?
Where is the paddle located?

Willh's picture

Could be interested. Could you email me some more photos please willhand360@gmail.com.
Also, whereabouts are you located and length/offset?

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