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Looking for an axiom 8.5


I want to buy an axiom 8.5 if any one here off anything! Thanks

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Hi mate,

Ill take it if mountainsheep doesn't.


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Second hand Axiom's are selling for around $1,200 NZ and 8.5's are the most in demand. If you can get yours in to NZ and offer it for that i'll sell

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I would be interested in this boat My email is jgbougen@gmail.com. Flick me an email because I would definitey buy it

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Hi, I'm visiting in December from Atlanta Ga. I have red Axiom 8.5 paddled maybe dozen times. Was thinking of bringing it then selling at the end of holiday. I have to contact airline and see what cost would be. The boat is worth 650 US dollars.

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