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Dagger Medievel & Eskimo Kendo for sale

both boats in good condition, no repairs. All seats and foot plates/pegs in place. Looking at $300 each

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Hi, Im interested in the Kendo, 022 4694701

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Hi Will09, what's your e-mail?

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Hi there interested in Kendo also, could you please send some pictures. Regards

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Yep, just looked at the boat, Eskimo all over it. Thanks

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Hi I am interested in the kendo. Could you please send me pictures? k.yee912@gmail.com Thank you

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Prijon didn't make Kendo's, "Eskimo" another German kayak manufacturer did

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Welcome Bay, Tauranga. Our son paddles Kaituna regular too, so could bring over.

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Contact conor_houghton@hotmail.co.nz or 02040005327

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Heya, interested in the medievil, 0273514841

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Where are you based? Could be keen for the medieval

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