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Wanted axiom 8.5

After a axiom 8.5 if anyone is selling

joshuadickey's picture

I'll try and get some pics soon but I don't have a smartphone , it's in pretty good condition, no cracks or welds, slight oil canning in the bottom but I should note that happens to every axiom quite early, it's the older dagger model without the heavy wavesport outfitting.

mackattack10's picture

Keen to see some photos of condition. Etc.
email is John.d.mack10@gmail.com

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Hi Joshua,

Any chance I could get some pictures of the Axiom? What condition is it in? Or just flick me an email on laura.vanginkel@hotmail.com


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I have an axiom 8.5, located in Okere Falls , 1000$

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There's one on Trademe. I'm looking for an Axiom 8.5 too, no seems to be selling

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