Our purpose is to preserve New Zealand's whitewater resources and enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely.

Ngaruroro River WCO sought

Whitewater NZ has ed with Fish & Game NZ, Fish & Game Hawke’s Bay, Forest and Bird, Jet Boating NZ and Ngati Hori ki Kohupatiki to seek a Water Conservation Order (WCO) for the Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers in Hawke’s Bay.

The application seeks to protect the upper Ngaruroro catchment (above Whanawhana) in its near-natural state, the mainstem of the Ngaruroro River (from Whanawhana to Waitangi Estuary) in its modified state, and the Clive River (in its modified state).

Dr Doug Rankin, Whitewater NZ’s Conservation Officer, says that the upper Ngaruroro provides “two of the best multi-day whitewater rafting and kayaking trips in New Zealand. A WCO will ensure this incredible resource is available for future generations.”

The Ngaruroro is widely used by kayakers, rafters and white water adventurers both from the Hawkes Bay and nationally, and contains consistent Class II and III rapids, and a few higher Class IV rapids, making the river accessible and challenging to a wide range of white water kayakers, and especially intermediate kayakers. The multi-day back country experience, the wilderness and scenic values, and the white water values all combine to produce an outstanding river worthy of protection by a WCO.

Read more about the WCO application, including the supporting documentation.

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