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Baton / Upper Baton, III-IV


High flow when Baton and Motueka are brown.



Upstream of: 
Baton Run

This run is a lot more technical than the lower Baton and includes a few undercut rocks, boulder gardens and a gradient of about 18 metres per kilometer for the best white water section. To get to the put in, you walk 7 kilometres from the conference of the Ellis and the Baton. Continue walking past the swing bridge until the track meets the river (about 2km upstream from the swing bridge). I am not sure what the white water is like upstream of this point. Take out at the Baton/EIlis conference. We did this in 3 hours.

Jeremy Ward


If anybody is doing this

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If anybody is doing this run, I would recommend doing the last 1.5 kilometres of the Ellis river as well. There are about four drops, from memory. The second to last drop is a weir and is quite sticky. Put in at the end of the vehicle track. Take out at the ford just past the conference of the Upper Baton and the Ellis. This river needs a lot of water!!

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