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Jetboat sunk in Maori Gully


Ian Fox, Deputy Harbourmaster for ECan, has issued a river hazard warning:

The Environment Canterbury Harbourmaster’s Office has received today a report that on Sunday 23 July 2017 a jet boat sank in Maori Gully, Hurunui River.

The driver and passenger swam out unharmed, but the boat was last seen sinking at the incident site – OTO, (Old Take Out) rapid which is the rapid immediately above the relatively calm right-hand bend with high rock cliffs about 800 above the present take out. The flow at the time of the sinking was about 60 cumecs and falling, with only one small fresh of about 50 cumecs having occurred since, so the boat is believed to most likely be still close to where it sank.

The site is circled on the attached aerial photo, the present take out is labelled “T.O.” for reference. From the road, OTO is the first rapid seen above the take out.

River users are requested to keep a look out for the boat, a 14 foot (4.27m) aluminium hulled jet boat with a white deck, and report any sightings to . Photos of any sighting and/or a GPS location or accurate description would be appreciated.

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Jet boat

rachel93's picture

Paddled gully on 8/9/2017 & couldn't see the jet boat.
Flow was in the low 30's.

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