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Submissions sought on Kaituna River plan

Kayakers on Kaituna River

The Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority is seeking submissions on the new Kaituna River Document (PDF, 6MB). This document outlines the strategy for management of the Kaituna River itself, as well as nearby catchments and tributaries (including the Mangorewa), and will bring changes to related regional and district plans.

It is important kayakers speak up for the Kaituna as it is an immensely popular and valuable resource to us, but whitewater recreation (as compared to commercial use) on the Kaituna seems to have been overlooked by Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority thus far. For example, p22 says, "Currently over 40,000 people a year raft, sledge or kayak the upper Kaituna through commercial providers."

Find out more information and how to submit on the BOPRC website, especially the submission guide (PDF, 331KB). If you have any questions about the document, need advice on submitting, or wish to express concerns to Whitewater NZ, email . Submissions close 24 July 2017.

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