Matakitaki/Glenroy consultation meetings

Polly Miller outlines proposed initial consultations regarding the Matakitaki/Glenroy dams.

23 May 2012: Network Tasman have apparently put their investigations into a hydro scheme on the Matakitaki on hold due to unfavourable economic conditions. Sally Kidson, 23 May 2012, Nelson Mail.

29 July 2009: Whitewater NZ released an initial feedback document (PDF, 277KB) and a media release strongly opposing the proposed hydro scheme on the Matakitaki river.

We need you to engage in the fight to save the Matakitaki and Glenroy Rivers. The independent consultants employed by Network Tasman to consult with user groups on the proposed Matakitaki/Glenroy scheme are running an information weekend. We need to ensure that as many paddlers as possible attend the sessions listed below.

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The proposed power scheme proposes to destroy two iconic Murchison river trips. The Middle Matakitaki is one of the very best class II sections in New Zealand, and the Glenroy is a class III-IV creek run for more adventurous paddlers. These rivers are our treasures - not only are they classic trips with some of the highest usage by whitewater kayakers in New Zealand they are both astonishingly beautiful. Let's show Network Tasman that they should keep their hands off the Matakitaki and Glenroy.

The consultants have structured the meetings around the main interest groups, the purpose of each session is to provide information and to receive comments. If you are unable to attend the session for your group, or are able to attend more than one session, please feel free to attend another session or to drop in to the Information Stall on Saturday 20th.

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Friday 19 June, 10-12 noon
Meeting for agencies and organisations based in Nelson.
To be held at Network Tasman, 52, Main Road Hope
Saturday 20 June, 10am-2pm
Matakitaki/Glenroy Information stall. A 'drop in' opportunity.
The Vault, Commercial Hotel, Murchison.
A chance to drop in, collect or view some information and your your views known.
Saturday 20 June, 3-5pm
Meeting for potentially affected land owners
The Vault, Commercial Hotel, Murchison.
Sunday 21 June, 10-12 noon
Meeting for kayakers and others who boat on the river
The Vault', Commercial Hotel, Murchison.
Sunday 21 June, 1-3pm
Meeting for fisherman/fishing guides
The Vault, Commercial Hotel, Murchison.
Sunday 21 June, 3:30-5:30pm
Meeting for Murchison District Community Council
The Vault, Commercial Hotel, Murchison.
(Image credits: Zak Shaw)