Bad eggs

I took a friend down the Kaituna recently. He swam through the race and spent a very long 10 seconds investigating how deep the river is at the weir. Meanwhile we lost track of his paddle. We looked for the paddle (a nice expensive type similar to a pogo) without success but were later informed that it was stuck between Okere Falls and the weir. I again failed to find it on the second trip but decided to get out and climb over the old powerstation to have a better look around. Upon doing so I discovered someone had taken the paddle off the river and stashed it quite well hidden behind some of the concrete pilings. Normally I would have thought that if you were trying to return a paddle to its owner you would not stash it well out of sight. Which leads me reluctantly to the conclusion that some arsehole kayaker thought he might hide it and collect it later. New Zealand has a serious problem with car-smashing thefts, To think that there are paddlers who do this sort of @!#$ really pisses me off. May karma do its thing.

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The biggest problem as your honesty is becoming a minority.

I know of a guy who swum and lost his boat recently. Another paddler found it and decided to keep it for themselves. Fortunately their conscience got the better of them and they turned it in to the police. However the fact that they initially decided to keep the boat is becoming a more typical reaction. Once upon a time you didn't need to lock your boats on your car but the number of boats that get stolen off cars nowadays is unbelievably.

Let's just hope the original stashing of the paddle was done by someone like you but the times as they are don't point to this being the case.

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Yep fair call on the presumptions of the swim in the first place. Guess old school sensibilities of ensuring appropriate skills first coming out here. Apologies Ian.

As for the paddle stashing - oh well - we each have our own opinions - but I've successfully returned numerous paddles this way and boats for that matter - and never stashed for my own selfish reasons.

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"Honest Paddler" should be replaced with "Nasty Paddler"!

Ian's original post presents a completely legitimate gripe, which you've looked at from the wrong angle.

One might even presume that you were the one who stashed the paddle, and that this reply was just you venting your anger at not being able to go back and collect it.

The ignorance of you to presume that you can know esactly what went down when the beginner swam, off a couple of sentences shows a complete lack of thinking on your part.

Think before you write next time and leave the bad attitude behind too!

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Perhaps you should have checked the 'Off the Water' threads before posting ya silly message.

I've paddled for years and it is not uncommon to place a found paddle off the river out of site - to be collected later by the paddler that found it - and then return it to the owner. Out of site to stop others locating it and perhaps not returning it...

Cheers to the person trying to return it.

PS how good are ya leadership skills by allowing a paddler to swim the tail race and lose track of their gear?