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Hey where do we get submission forms from to have our say about this?

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PS: submissions due by 17 September!

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Information on this proposal is available from the Ministry for the Environmentís website: (you can find you way through the Ministryís site if you just input

Form 30 is on the website (electronic version) or can be obtained by phoning 03 963 3771 of by writing to Ministry for the Environment Level 4 119 Armagh Street PO Box 1345 CHRISTCHURCH. Submissions must be posted to MfE at this address. A copy of the submission must also be forwarded to the applicant Majac Trust c/o Gascoigne Wicks 79 High Street, PO Box 2 Blenheim as soon as reasonably practicable.
Steve Merito of MfE 03 963 33771 can answer questions about the application and/or supply the complete application including what is called the ìoutlineî resource consent application.
You should note that this application contains as number of inaccuracies/errors of fact including an approval of the resource consent application from a rafting company ñ this referred to a previous smaller application. The resource consent application process will be undertaken at a later date with Tasman District Council and the resource consent application is likely to change considerably before then.'s picture

Go to the website or write toMinistry for Enviroment, Level 4, PricewaterhouseCoopers Building, 119 Armagh St, Christchurch.
Be aware there is a lot of misleading information given in the report!!

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Follow the link on the following site to the submission forms: