Elbow pads


Having just recovered from a elbow injury courtesy of Postman falls on the coast i was wondering what peoples thoughts were on elbow pads.
Pro's and con's, and good brands etc

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Seems like a good idea to try and get some better protection. I know that a guy from palmy was trying to put a product together that had elbow and shoulder protection sewn in. There are some really good shin pads at the warehouse that double as fantastic forearm to elbow guards. They are super light and have an elastic strap that fits around the thumb. I havent used them but they look like the business.

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I have one of those 'body armour' vests with elbow, shoulder, and forearm protection (and optional back cover). It's pretty light and does for biking and snowboarding too, which kind of spreads the cost. Whats more you look pretty buff, which will impress all those phantom lady paddlers out there.
Seems protection is the smart move these days, 20 yrs ago none of us wore sunscreen...

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Mmmm, elbow pads good. Much better to push off rocks with than a paddle.


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I definately rate elbow pads
I've got a pair of Fox Mt Bike pads and they're pretty good.
Lotus used to make a really good set of pads but haven't seen them around for a few years.

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I wear SIXSIXONE downhille MTB elbow/forearm guards and they are the business, light with no movement restriction and don't suck up the water. 60 slides from any bike shop

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I got $20 Fox Elbow/Forearm pads from Cash Converters.
Cashies have rare jems like that sometimes.

Shreadready and IR make some, off the top of my head.