River Grading System Sucks A$#E


I think it time to get rid of this old overrated river grading system. Time to update it get a bit more advanced catch up with other sports. 1 to 6 doesnt cover anything really I mean Rock climbing has 1 to 36 that is 6 times as many we are way behind guys and we need to catch up. You can all just be thinking that there is only 6 different sorts of white water to paddle, can you?

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Yep, thats the cool thing about boating. It's that simple.

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well you can either paddle it or you can't if not get off the river......


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already been discussed in some depth


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Why would you want kayaking to follow the same sort of grade system as rock climbing ? it's a fricken weird game anyway, all they seem to do is take there tops off and frolick round on rocks yarning about karma. they talk to much and it's really boring to listen to someone describe a climb . I think rock climbing should change there grading system from 1 - 6. Keep the boating gradeing system simple. .

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hu cares wat the hell rock climbers do get in and paddle or shut up and get off the river man

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Yep a rock's a rock it's always the same, but a river might be low one day yet flooded and full of trees the next. There's no point trying to over- categorise: "Hey bro the Shotty's a grade 12B today." "No @!#$, I reckon it was a 9.5D yesterday"... what's the point. Keep it simple.