Calling UK paddlers...


Does anyone know of a good website in the UK similar to this one, i.e. that most paddlers look at for buying and selling stuff? Cheers.

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you could also try then click on the link 'used gear' in the left hand column.

All the best dude!

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Yes, I now sit in all evening posting replies on the ukriversguidebook forum, just like I used to do with Joy! Why are there no rivers in this country? Norway soon though!

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By far the best website is:

guides to all the UK rivers and a well respected and supervised discussion forum. Enjoy!

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Also che4ck out for buying and selling stuff and also based in Devon. the getout web site has a direct link to the rivers guide book site. As a pom now living in AKL, who has paddled extensively in the UK for a few years, give me a shout direct if you want to know anything else, need paddling contacts, water level web pages, etc etc and I can also put you in touch with a few shops as well if you need it, and a really good club, depending on where you are heading.


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The most equivalent board to this one is on the Community page at

And for the South East have a look at as well

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look under canoe focus part of the british canoe union website.