USA paddler in NZ Jan-feb looking for paddling buddies


I'm gonna be in NZ(starting in Auckland) from dec 29- mar 3 and planning on renting a car and paddling lots of rivers and seeing some parks and cities on both islands, I compete in freestyle and will be training(aka paddling every day)! SO doing a lot of park and play(surfing) but also enjoy river running mostly class 4's and maybe some 5's if I can pick up a cheap creek boat, if anyone out there's a kayaker give me a shout and maybe we can share some costs of gas etc. or if ya just need a ride from some place I am to some place I'm going I'll be glad to drive for a bit of gas $ or a few beers. cheers!

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hi. i'll be in nz on feb 20 through april 20th. i'm debating whether or not to bring my boat. i'm only paddling class 3, easy 4's right now. is there water for me?


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hey Dana,
here is my planned itinerary,maybe we can meet up in NZ for some paddling, I'm a class 5 paddler and enjoy playboating a lot(I compete), big water, and creeking, my schedule is arriving in Auckland th 29th of Dec. paddling the north island till about Jan 15th then heading to the south island, meeting a friend in christchurch spending a month on the south island and then taking a ferry back to the north til march 3rd.I plan to paddle everyday with maybe a few rest days of sightseeing ,hiking ,hot pools ,partying etc. Let me know where you are and maybe we can meet up and paddle if our schedules allow, I will have a rental car so will be able to get around fairly easy! my regular email is,and I'll try to check it as much as possible, there are severals shops that do rent boats and I may even have something at least one of you can use as I have extras of a lot of gear and may rent a creekboat there(I brought a playboat)I'm 6'2 so i feel your pain with the size of boats, so maybe we can meetup on the south island! Cheers

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hey Ross
hope you're having a blast! My current plan is fly into auckland paddle the north island for around 2 weeks and then meeting a friend at the christchurch airport on the 17-18 and then spend a month on the south island, a few more weeks on the north island and flying out march 3rd, depending on our schedules hopefully we can meet up and paddle, i'll have a rental car too! email me at

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Hey Aaron. I just posted. I'm hoping to do some paddling 12/27 - 1/12 on the South Island. Though I'm not local, or in training, still like to hook up. See my 11/29 posting for more info. Adios Jim

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Yo Aaron
My name is Ross i am from the UK and in NZ right now. At the mo i am heading up to Murchisson I have rented a car and plan to get a few weeks boating in.If all goes well i may stay into January. Would say i am a solid 4 4+ boater been paddlind for last 6 years i am 29. Let me know if you are interested or you want the lowdown on the whats happening.



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Hello Aaron,
I live in Mt. Shasta, CA and am a class 4+ boater. My wife and I will be flying in to Auckland around the 15th and will be in NZ for only a few weeks. We'll be roaming both islands and I would love to get at least one run in, anywhere in New Zealand. It would be nice to hook up but I will have to rent the whole works and I only fit in a few boats (too tall). Will you be checking your email once down there?