Beginner Whitewater Kayaking Courses

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Hi there

Any recommendations on beginner whitewater kayaing courses round the Wellington region? (can go further for weekend courses). Have decent river knowledge but need some instruction to get my roll tidy.

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Just join up a club and you'll get all the help you need. If you live in city go along to Freyburg pool at 8.30pm on either a Wednesday ( or Thursday ( to join in at either club's pool night. If you're in the Hutt go to the Naenae pool on Tuesdays 8pm (

The clubs all have a slightly different feel, so go along and decide for yourself. Either way you'll soon have the basics sorted all for $40-$60 in membership fees (some of which will go to the NZRCA!!!).

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If visiting Tauranga region visit Waimarino or Rotorua visit Sunspots