I need Help choosing a creek boat

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Can I get some advice on a creek boat im stuck btween a scud and abliss stick huka im only a small scrawny guy I tried a scud n the cockpit was up unda me arms, peoples opinions good and bad on both boats would be gr8.

Happy safe paddling Cheers Daz

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I`d agree with Ian - the Prijon Creeker is an excellent kayak - I also have a Prijon Kompressor, I`ve noticed it`s not so `deep` around the cockpit as some of the other brands. V tough HTP plastic will give you years of use. Definitely try before you buy!

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I'm 178cm and 65kg, so not exactly huge. I've paddled the Creker and reckon it's great. One of my mates has one and he's about 168cm and pretty weedy too. My current boat is a Fluid Solo which is brilliant for me. Not too deep in the cockpit - even better than my previous boat which was a Java - easy to turn and surf, surfaces on the level, boofs great etc. Try out all the small boats if you can rather than just sticking to a couple.

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I have a creeker 225 too and i love it.
I want to sell it though and get something bigger.
Yours for $900, great condition in yellow

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Yeah I'm a small paddler and I got myself a Prijon 225 Creeker. It is really good especially when the seat is adjusted up to the front. This is a great boat, 225cm long (obviously) and not too wide. I added more padding under the origanal seat padding and this helped as I'm a bit vertically challenged. Check it out at the prijon web site or on www.playak.com and click on kayaks

Hope you get a good creek boat
Love those creeks!