hey this mite not be the rite place to post this but if u want to do some winter paddling and need some dosh and you have a snowboard 4 sale i am about 170 or a little under.and would love 1 your board.hook us up?

also i have a trail board 4 sale its 124cm salomon used once good 4 kids or kicking around on trails wanting $90 ono
0274821114 in chch

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hey just letting you know tht you dont have to get worked up about it budds a mate of mine so i am not to woryd thanks anyway 4 the back up

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Naughty BOI! get off this site, if i am right this site is for rivers jared or whatever you call yourself, go do some assignments ya @!#$.'s picture

I agree profusely dan, well put.

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I agree with "not your budd" this is a sit were out doors people can shear info. even if that person is not a kayaker. what gives you the right to tell people what they can and cannot post on this sit. people like you should not be allow to play in the outdoors.

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Me oh my what a bunch of sensitive outdoors men you guys are huh. Ill try not to be so... 'insensitive' next time aye guys. Just a joke's picture

Hasn't you mother ever to you if you have nothing nice to day, say NOTHING at all? Just because 'Jared' happens to be multi talented in the sporting world, much like MOST kayakers, doesn't mean you need to show the ugly envy you have for those people since you can only excel, if that, in one discipline. And as for assignment maybe you should do some instead of wasting Jared's, mine and everyone's time with you incoherent rambling.

A sickened kayaker/outdoors person.