Car Broken Into


Just wondering if anyone saw any suspicious activity at the Kaituna Put In Carpark between 3.30pm and 4.30pm.
We had our car broken into and valuables stolen.
Not a fun way to end the day after 3 great runs.
I know we're not the first nor the last to be broken into, its not fair.

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I had my car broken into at that car park several years ago - three times. In the end I resorted to leaving a note on the dashboard to say that there was nothing in the car. As the problem has existed consistently for years, I am wondering if any dialogue has taken place with the Rotorua police, or the appropriate Council? Or even with insurance companies!

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Yes- it sucks

Try to be a little smarter than the average bear. Remember "auntie helen" pays these people a weekly wage to do this full time! - this makes it their job and they get good and fast at it.

Following on from Andy's point, also try parking right on the edge of the road (parallel). Think "if i was to try break into a car where can i hide?". Inbetween two cars parked perpendicular to the road is a good place (it seems like a good idea to park like this until some other paddler parks right next to you creating a kind of shopping mall). Another good place to hide is inbetween a car and the massive tree which conveniently provides shade on hot summer days!

Or like Andy says, park up the lake and paddle down the lake or park next to or opposite cafe - even that is not a big walk to the river.

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There's a camera monitoring the middle carpark which was set up by paddlers I believe. These break ins happen every few months. The only answer I have found is not to park at the put in (where its obvious where you've gone-park up the lake a bit?) and if you do park there, leave NOTHING in your car.

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yea exact same way that we were broken into- bastards!
thats funny cause we did 3 runs and were back at the car every hour or so, and noticed nothing, obviously locals, done yours, gone and come back. Sad

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theiving bastards! I wonder if the local council could be pressurised to put up surveillance cameras at the vital spots, or at least the put-in which I also had assumed was a bit safer. The access 10 take out on the tongariro seems to have been made safer due to the (sometimes) presence of these, and burglery rates in Kuratau have dropped due to a single camera on the road in. The kaituna must generate a lot of "tourist" dollars for the area through kayakers and sightseers so it would seem fair to make it a safer prospect for us. Maybe the local paddlers could make an approach, or possibly the NZRCA. A few bucks each from some willing paddlers may even pay for it!

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I just got broken into there too. I thought parking up the top next to the main road would be safe. Screw Driver in the lock and gear taken around 1pm.