DOC backs Nevis dams.

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More details soon...

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Could you please give us some assistance with that? Do you have a template we could use? Guidelines to writing submissions? I think I've seen those somewhere on here before.


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The NZRCA is going in to battle with Fish and Game to protect this jem.

Absolutely you can help, write a personal submission in support of the application to amend the Water Conservation Order and send it to:

Attn- Alex Miller
Ministry for the Environment
PO Box 1345
Christchurch 8140

Also, we are looking for high quality photos that illustrate the beauty of the Nevis. We don't need action shots, we have plenty of those. We're after photos of the landscape of the drive into the valley, and the gorge. Email photos to



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Does anyone know what us as kayakers can do to stop this?

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yes, bad news, but anger and comment needs to be directed at the DOC Otago Conservator rather than DOC in general, he is the one making decisions.