Turnbull access

I have heard that someone ( an o'seas friend of Geoff Miles) was refused access to the Turnbull a while ago. Has anyone else had this experience recently?

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Awesome work Kerry, thanks alot for getting something sorted, lets make sure we all treat the area with respect and do show coutesy and integrity when dealing with the locals, a few beers dropped off to the farmer when returning keys etc goes along way and lets them know we appreciate use of the place! the river is one of the best on the coast, the fact that it is roadside and runs all the time makes it a gem. hopefully see ya all on it this summer!

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I too have heard of the many complaints surrounding access to this river from the locals and it is hard not to sympathise with them. Considering myself a local of the area, and my family having considerable recognition down there, I have found the one and only available key to the gates. Yes that's right, there are now two gates. The whole shindang has erupted (1) because of arrogance from incompatability between previous kayakers and hosts of the key, and (2) due to the youth of the neighbourhood riding their motorbikes up to the power station intake, throwing stones into the pipeline and causing unnessary damage to the turbine blades, hence resulting of late in a $2 million dollar replacement cost. So don't dispair, it's not only kayakers that have offended the local community, it's their own as well. I was down there this past summer and spent almost a whole day searching for a key access. And it was only by chance that I met someone who loaned me a key and only because of his hunting history with my father. I have enabled to maintain a polite and considerate repore with this man and was able to acquire the key for some other paddlers passing through the area. If for on any occasion you wish to get onto the Turnbull river it is not too difficult to get access off the South side farmers property to walk the 3km to the top, the only issue there is that kayakers have previously left the gate open resulting in the farmer losing 4 deer. I urge any passing kayaker who acquires access to show courtesy and integrity when dealing with these locals. They are in a world of their own down there and even though the road is paper owned (ie. has public access rights) the local policeman would rather keep peace amongst his community than side with a passing tourist. All I can really say is access to the Turnbull is now a luxury for us and should be treaded very carefully around.

ps. the key also accesses the Okuru river - a nice little class III run, or 2hr walkin for more.

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Word, firearms and kayaking are definitely the way of the future - throw a little mind altering drugs into the mix and you've got the makings of a great weekend. Guns are especially necessary when kayaking in bat country.



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Guns and kayaking are a great mix...innovation like using such a device to open gates is to be questioned. I agree with Trent...what tosses. You shoudl sort the key and only let the boys get their hands on it man.



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I own a house at the Turnbull and yeah there are some issues regarding the key, I was there this weekend and talked to some locals and from what I hear we dont deserve the key in the first place, stories of arrogant abusive and demanding flocks of paddlers swarming into landowners houses and demanding the key, people taking the gate of its hinges, shooting the padlock off the gate! and even putting there own padlock on it!!! so is it any wonder the farmers can't be bothered to deal with the @!#$, I am a full time boater and love the Turnbull so are working on restoring relations with the key holders, any questions or info you need then email me, in the meantime lets use our heads and not do stupid stuff to screw it up for the rest of us!!

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I heard a rumour to the same effect - notice it no longer appears in the new guide book, and I believe this is because of an access issue.