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Hi all

I am wondering if any one could help I'm coming out to work in newzeland in September I can work in aukland or Wellington. Out of the two which one would be the best location to maximum my time paddling.


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Thanks for the feed back Think it will have to be Wellington, will be traveling down from Auckland and paddling as much as I can on way down will leave a comment on here when I arrive and if people are free and up for a boat let me know
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Wellington would have to be the go mate. To most people’s surprise, Wellington has one of the best class three rivers in NZ - Hutt Gorge, and some pretty awesome class 2 - 4 rivers within 4 hours of Wellington city. Best thing to do is get amongst the club scene which is a big player when it comes to trips etc. Feel free if you make the decision to pop on down to visit us, Fergs Kayaks, on the waterfront and we would be more than happy to steer you in the right direction.

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And with Wellington 's local Grade 3 river you can sneak a paddle in before/after work. Add the fact that it has the best coffee on the planet, never gets windy and only rains at night, you'd have to go for Wellington. :-)

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Come on. Someone stick their neck out and make a call for Simon.
I live somewhere near the middle of the Island and thats how I'd call it. 50-50
Auckland is closer to the Bay of Plenty region and all its rivers and surf.
Wellington has its own local rivers and great canoe-kayak clubs but either way you'll need to travel.
Which ever one you choose, make sure you join the local club and you'll get to paddle great rivers with great people