Just a quick reminder to all Northeners that the Wairoa will flow again this weekend. All those keen on a meet in Tauranga for a Saturday night celebration get back to me. I have organised the usual suspects (and some willing addons.......as usual) Have lawn accomodation for a few and can organise the rest. C ya there.

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Sounds like there are a few people missing out on the fun here.

REMEMBER - 50% of the goodtimes are avaliable for the taking the night before and the other 50% is when you win.


There is nothing like sittin at the start line with the taste of last nights dinner in your mouth- then whippin ass!!

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sweet i will be there if the german girls come. Where is the party?
I will bring the double brown, and the little ginger.
He has got game.

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Whats your isuue with me buddy??? I dont even know who you are??? But Alexis, Katrina, Anna & Polly (The German girls who also visited the extreme) Dont paddle you are quite right. But who needs to when you look like they do???

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Its ok, I have seen most of the usual suspects and its not they can be accused of "paddling" anyway.....and they aren't any good at the drinking aswell....not much risk of damage in the league they play in.

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Light beer and orange juice for us then I suppose.

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Only "dropkicks" drink then paddle:-)

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Make sure that you are saftey conscious with your skilled team on the Sunday of the Wairoa. Nobody should be held responsable for others ill state off being. I think there should be alcohol breath testing unit at the put in. Surely if you have enough alchol in you body to not be able to drive a car then should you legaly be alowed to paddle a trecherous grade 5 river?