Eskimo Nano


Any ever paddled a Nano?

Are they any good?

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hey im 6"1 and im comfortable in it even when the seats not full back

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Thanks for your advise....

Thinking about buying one in CHCH

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Just sold mine.
172cm, 72kg whth short legs, mini feet, plenty of room for me.
light. fast, and thus quite easy to throw round. They need a fast wave to be loose. (rolling rocker along the hull and no spin disk means it needs a bit of speed to get loose)
Good fun in the surf, sweet rail, so they carve well.
The best plastic!! duurable, stiff and strong. Comfy, simple outfitting, it looks plain compared to new offerings, but it works well and needs little modification, just slap in some hip pads, and your away (i moves the seat forward on mine too).
If your a paddler who likes to nail moves and strives for clean lines (slalom style) and is after a slicey (not a loop boat) that encrouges and rewards good tequnique then this boat is for you.
They takes a bit of getting used to (not instantly ego boosting), but stick with it and learn how to use it and you will have a lot of fun.
mail me if you want to know more:-)