Yank needs info on S. Island playboating...


Please help... I'm staying in Christchurch for a couple of weeks on business from Steamboat Springs, CO. I'm looking to do some playboating during the next two weekends (9/20 and 9/27).

Can anyone provide info on good, easily accessible playboating, whitewater parks or park-n-surf areas? I have all my gear but need to hire a playboat and paddle -- best bets for finding these near Chch?

I'm staying at the Y downtown. Have rental car.

Thanks, Dave

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Hi Dave
Surfing at the beach is pretty good, you can hire a boat from one of the kayak shops. (COW is right in town and there is also paddlerzone(www.paddlerzone.co.nz) and head 2 one of the local beaches for a surf. OR if you wanted a river trip you could have a look at whitewater canoe club's trup list on www.whitewater.inet.net.nz and get in touch with the trip organiser, you could hire a boat and gear from the club.
Happy Boating and enjoy ur time in chch!

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give Ruben a call at Canoe and outdoor world (COW)
ph numba=(0800 morefun)
your not in the best spot for playboating aye, surf at brighton beach peir, sumner or taylors mistake.
good luck

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Hi Dave

Canoe & Outdoor World
7 Pilgrim place (off Moorhouse Ave near Pak'n'Save)

Phone 3669305

At the moment we have available to rent:

Liquid Logic Pop
Ace 5.7
Prijon Delirium

Best bet for playboating is a trip up to Murchison - approx 3 hours each way. Plenty of choice.

Kev S