Alert all freestylers


After little feedback, but much discussion, it has been decided and confirmed. The official NZ Freestyle Team selections for the 2004 Pre-Worlds will be held at Penrith on Monday 12th Jan starting at 9.00am.

Official Pre-Worlds nation training then starts on the 14th and actual competition on 21st.

So, if you think that you can make the cut: 5 K1 men, 3 K1 women, 3 K1 junior men, 2 K1 junior women, 2 C1...then book your tickets now!!!

If you wish to trial for the team, you must register your interest with me. At this time, you will receive further information about times, costs, accommodation options etc.

In the meantime, plan to be at any rodeo you can get to between now and then, so you can rank yourself personally against others.

Events that we know about at this stage:
Niamh Tomkins Memorial 6-7 December
River Valley Festival 13-14 December
Mangahaoa...awaiting Colin's reply on a possible event in November
Kaituna...we are planning to try an informal ranking event between 15 Dec and 4 this space.

If you know of any other event planned, please contact me and/or post it on this site.

We know that that we cannot please everybody due to travel and work committments. We need your input though, so that we have things in place early for the Worlds in Jan 2005.

Kevin Simpson
Team Manager
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Hey good on you Kevin for doing all the hard work it is incredibly hard work organizing the disorganised!
The worlds should be about showing off the best paddlers at the worlds so having our selections on the site where the worlds will be is an incredible oportunity for us to have an advantage as individuals and as a team.
We will almost have a better home advantage than the aussies as we do not have to organize the compitition.
Think of the other big positive you can fly to sydney for less than the cost of the gas from most parts of the country to go to FJ or the Kaituna to go training.
now thats cool.
If you want to go buy a ticket, do it now they are cheap and you can check out the course for next year.
Hey this is only the Pre worlds what is there to stress about.

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I did say that we could not please everyone. Sorry Gerald...the cheque book has nothing to do with it. We were informed of the pre-world dates in Austria. When I got home in June, I put out email notice to all on my list and for feedback. Only a handful of replies, and all saying it cannot be before end of November (many of the current team are overseas). But with other kayak & freestyle events in early Dec, this only left early January (a few days before Penrith). Try getting tickets has been hard enough for those committed to get them now.

Get to the events that are happening near you (also a possibility coming up for Tekapo) and rank yourself with those around you and refer back to the team numbers allowable. If you think you have what it takes, we'd love to see you at Penrith. There is a great atmosphere at these events, and you can learn a lot just from watching these world class competitors. If you (or anyone else reading this) is serious about their chances for the 2005 Worlds, then get to Penrith this time around...the experience will be invaluable.

Good luck

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What we are try to do is select the best team for NZ to get the best results that we can at the worlds. By having the trials there we will achieve the best team for that site and have a bigger support crew.
Now with flights being cheap over there hey why the hell not have the trials there. Also we could discuss the good and bad points about having them there for ever and ever. We have to have them somewhere and it has got so late now that the decision is made. Why dose the cheque book come into it when if you were really keen on going that you would have to pay to get there any way. By competeing in the upcoming rodeos around NZ you should have a fair idea of weather you will make the team or not.
After all it is only Aussy not Europe.

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2 Cents worth-
does it not seem funny that a New Zealand team is being selected outside of New Zealand does it make the team a truely New Zealand team or does freestyle become a victim to the cheque book. Those that can afford to go get selected. Why is selections not occuring in New Zealand so paddlers that are in not so fortunate a position with their wallets can search for sponsorship and can state that they are a "New Zealand Paddler"