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I'm an anthropology student at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, USA. I will be in New Zealand next year from January through May, and I am currently developing a senior thesis research project that will, in part, roughly address the following question: What happens when Maori treaty rights (land reserves, etc) conflict with the wants and needs of people who care about the environment (for preservation and/or recreational purposes)? Being a boater, I thought it would be interesting to look at this question as it pertains to river access issues, and friends of mine who have boated in NZ recommended.

So, can you tell me: are there any rivers or areas where Maori treaty rights cause tension between boaters and treaty holders? Also, do you know of particular people/ groups/ companies/ books/ magazines that would be helpful on this topic?

I would also be interested in knowing about dam issues, endangered rivers, all that environmental stuff. The broad topic of this research is environmentalism in New Zealand. What it will all lead to eventually is me doing fieldwork next year from March-May (I will be at U. Auckland from January through March) to develop a case study, the exact location of study yet to be determined. I just happen to be lucky enough to get to combine my academic interests with my love of boating.

You can contact me at molly.s.malone@dartmouth.edu
Many thanks for input!

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Hi Molly

1. If you check all the postings in this and the access forum, you'll find a few items of interest. The Tarawera river certainly springs to mind in terms of the treaty.

2. Check the site map of this website, there is a lot of material elsewhere here. Eg in the Access section there is a letter to the Minister in charge of Treaty issues. And its full of stuff about dams.
While you're at it, let us have any views on website organisation. My feeling is there is more here than is immediately obvious.

3. You'll probably find items of interest on the Public Access Nz website, http://www.publicaccessnewzealand.org/. Their reseach is very thorough but be aware that they are a lobby group and certain opinions advanced by them are not always backed by either the public or even recreational groups like ourselves.

4. There will presumably be some material or contacts on some of the Maori websites. The Ngai Tahu website http://www.ngaitahu.iwi.nz/ could be a good place to start as they are well organised and their claim covers most of the South Island

5. There'll be loads of stuff on the governemnt websites
www.govt.nz and www.beehive.govt.nz


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Hi Molly,

Was just mucking around and found this. You probably already have it thou but thought it might be useful to some extent if you dont.