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Whakapapa natural flow (Cancelled)

Sunday, September 4, 2016 - 09:00 - 16:00

Updated 7:05am 4 September: The Whakapapa river will be below 16 cumecs at 9am this morning, so the natural flow will not proceed today (Sunday 4 September).

Updated 7:03am 3 September: The Whakapapa will be below 16 cumecs and the no-take will not proceed today.

Tomorrow, Sunday 4th September, is the back up day and there is more rain forecast throughout today. Fingers crossed!

The WWNZ Facebook page and the webpage (www.rivers.org.nz) will be updated this evening if there is more information available. A final decision on Sunday's flow will be released at 7am Sunday morning.

Updated 11:18am 2 September: We have been informed by Genesis that the Whakapapa no-take, scheduled for Saturday 3rd September, is now LIKELY to proceed. WWNZ will issue a final confirmation as to whether the no-take will proceed at 7AM Saturday morning.

The forecast is for there to be 18 cumecs in the river at 9am (i.e. above the 16 cumecs threshold), and if this is the case the no-take will proceed.

Flow is likely to drop below 16 cumecs throughout the day, so it is advisable to be there ready for the start of the release while the flow is higher, and to be aware that flow may recede throughout the day.

It would be great to see as many paddlers out there as possible, making the most of this flow day. Please remember to be vigilant and Check, Clean and Dry your gear before putting on the river. The Whakapapa River is a unique and precious environment and an important habitat for Whio (Blue Duck), and it is very important to keep the river free of didymo and other invasive aquatic weeds and pests.

The 7am confirmation will be posted on the WWNZ Facebook page and the WWNZ website (http://rivers.org.nz) so please watch for this update tomorrow morning rather than ringing the control centre directly.

Updated 9:25am 31 August: We have been informed by Genesis Energy that is it UNLIKELY that the no take will proceed this week end due to lack of the required water level (16 CUMECS).

Though there is some rain forecast toward the end of the week, at this stage it is unlikely that the minimum required water level will be reached.

Please keep an eye out on the Whitewater NZ Facebook page and rivers.org.nz for updates on the release, rather than ringing the control centre directly.

There will be an update on the likelihood of the release issued on Friday, and a final decision will be issued at 7am Saturday (and 7am Sunday if needed).

Backup day is Sunday 4 September. c/- Genesis Energy.

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