Whitewater NZ AGM 2015

Saturday, August 29, 2015 - 09:00 to 14:30

The Annual General Meeting for Whitewater New Zealand Inc. will be held on Saturday 29 August at the BNZ Building, 60 Waterloo Quay, Wellington. Doors open from 9am for 10:30am start and 2:30pm finish. The meeting business includes election of officers, voting on constitutional changes for membership, and voting for Canoeist of the Year.

AGM Agenda

09:00 : Doors open
10:00 : Morning Coffee - Meet and mingle

10:30 : Official Welcome
Matt opened the meeting, and there was a round of introductions
Ian CampbellRuahine CC
Melanie GrantRuahine CC
Peter DavisVUCC
Shaun McCrackenWWCC/UCCC
Jonathan HuntIndividual (WWCC)
Michael McDonaldSouthland CC
Martina NaplawaWWNZ
Charis Wong
Graeme WilsonIndividual (WWCC)
Liz FowlerCSBOP
Matt HawesWWCC
Phil Cluries-RossIndividual (UCCC)
Jo McWilliamVUCC, HVCC
Paul SchofieldVUCC, HVCC
Steve FlackHBCC
Terry LasenbyWaikato Kayak Club
Bob GordonNelson CC
Steven BennettHVCC, VUCC
Henry WyldeVUCC
Nigel ParryVUCC
Apologies: Mike Birch, Ally Price, James Rae, Doug Rankin, Hugh Canard, Colin Leitch, Marnie Fornusek
Presentation of the 2014 AGM Minutes
Some discussion of how changing recreation patterns have led some clubs to reduce their membership of Whitewater NZ. Matt gave a quick summary of progress in resuscitate the Tekapo Whitewater Trust with Genesis; this is one of this year's success stories. Alan Hoffman is chair-person.
  • Motion to pass 2014 minutes for acceptance: Pete/Henry PASSED (name correction s/Bill Pauko/Bill Parks)
Annual Report to Members 2015
Matt outlined the state of informal whitewater relationships with LandSAR and Police.
Matt described some tensions that arisen regarding differences in opinion regarding conservation issues and strategy in Canterbury and how this has been largely resolved through discussion, emphasising the importance of communication and engagement.
After a fatality in Awesome Gorge in 2007 coroner recommended signage be added to gorge. Some access challenges around Kaituna, and Walking Access Commission website is proving useful.
Some funds have been released for development of the website.
Patron's report (Hugh Canard)
Graeme mentioned his admiration regarding Hugh Canard's work, and there was comment that the collaborative process does appear to be working in Wairarapa for the most part.
Vice-president's report (Graeme Wilson)
Conservation (Doug Rankin and Ally Price)
Graeme spoke to Doug Rankin's report, saying that we're lucky to have Doug's significant involvement.
Access (James Rae)
Matt summarised the release status of various rivers c/- James's emailed report. Some discussion of navigation safety bylaw in Waikato affecting Aratiatia and other rivers such as Mokau and Tongariro.
Safety (Shaun McCracken)
Some questions about Water Safety NZ and loss of funding for river safety/river rescue courses. Expense is a barrier, especially for young people. Suggestion that personal contact with WSNZ could help.
Webmaster (Jonathan Hunt)
Comment about challenge maintaining photos. Question about providing "sportsground" functionality.
12:00 : Lunch (Yeah food)
Communications (Martina Naplawa)
Treasurer's Report
Bob enquired regarding the significant increase in donations. This is mainly due to the fundraising movie by Josh Neilson. Graeme pointed out that we should change the language in the constitution requiring accounts be audited: change this from "The Auditor so appointed shall be a member of the New Zealand Society of Accountants." to a more flexible arrangement.
Membership (Pete Davis)
Peter outlined need to clarifying what membership period payments, especially club payments, apply to, possibly by making club membership a fixed period.
  • Vote for acceptance of 2015 annual report: Matt/Peter PASSED.
Matters Arising
  • Remit for changes to constitution for membership (Graeme/Shaun) with further amendment of "delegate" added to the new clause 14a PASSED.
  • Motion to set monthly membership at $5/month Graeme/Bob PASSED.
  • Motion to leave annual membership fees rates per 2014. Peter/Martina PASSED.
  • Motion that membership period runs from 1 April-31 March. WWNZ will invoice on 1 April. Payment covers the coming year. Clubs have a 12-month grace period where they are still considered financial. Shaun/Matt PASSED
Election of Officers
  • Patron: Hugh Canard, elected unopposed.
  • President: vacant
  • Vice President: Graeme Wilson, elected unopposed.
  • Treasurer: Marnie Fornusek, elected unopposed.
  • Membership: Pete Davis, elected unopposed.
  • Communications: Martina Naplawa, elected unopposed.
  • Safety: Shaun McCracker, elected unopposed.
  • Education: Aaron Osbourne, elected unopposed.
  • Access: Jame Rae, elected unopposed.
  • Webmaster: Jonathan Hunt, elected unopposed.
  • SI Conservation: Doug Rankin, elected unopposed.
  • NI Conservation: vacant
Charis was unanimously acknowledged as Administration Officer.
Canoeist of the Year: Brendan Bayly
Bruce Dando was recommended for Life Membership when it is available in the constitution.
  • Motion of thanks to Matt Bennett for his work and leadership as President Graeme/Jonathan PASSED
Open Discussion
Shaun spoke about the jouney that Canterbury kayaks have been on over the past few years. General discussion about high-level strategy vs short-term challenges, possible meetings with Patron, Conservation Officer, local club representatives etc. Govt freshwater reforms emphasise catchment committees and this is a challenge to WWNZ capability.
Discussion about removing wood e.g. Gnarly Gorge

Meeting closed 4:30pm.

Attendees are invited to join the Exec for dinner at a Wellington establishment on Saturday evening.