Whitewater NZ AGM 2016

Saturday, August 27, 2016 - 10:00 to 16:00

Venue: Undercroft, University of Canterbury, Christchurch.

Includes remits to alter constitution, election of officers, awarding of Canoeist of the Year award (send nominations now), presentations (TBA).


10:19am Graeme Wilson opened the meeting, and there was a round of introductions:
Graeme Wilson, WWNZ/WWCC
Jonathan Hunt, WWNZ/WWCC
Martina Naplawa, WWNZ/VUCC/Wairarapa paddlers
Janette Kear, NZKS
Ashley 'Cheese' Cheeseman, Army Leadership Centre
Dagmar Goeke, WWCC
Shaun McCracken, WWCC/UCCC
Phil Clunies-Ross, UCCC
Isaac Bain, UCCC/ACCC
Greg Clark, Waikato CC
Carey Lintott, AUCC
Matt Hawes WWCC
Ian Huntsman, DRKC
Bruce Leslie, WWCC
Graeme Boddy, Bug Sports Club
Apologies: James Rae, Marnie Fornusek, Nigel Parry, Terry Lasenby, Peter and Sue Sommerhalder, Robin Rutter-Baumann, Hugh Canard
Presentation of 2015 minutes
Annual report to members (Annual Report 2016, PDF, 1.3MB):
Graeme read from the Annual Report, citing sections of the Patron's report.
Doug and Shaun spoke to aspects of Hugh's report. Graeme reported highlights from the Vice President's report.
Ian Fox gave an update regarding the Tekapo Whitewater Course.
Doug Rankin spoke to the Conservation Officer's report, especially re the lack of recognition of specific kayaking values in regional plans (esp. Canterbury).
Presentation of financial statements
Matters arising, including remits
  • Change to rules re annual audit

    Clause 43 of the Whitewater NZ Constitution states:
    An Auditor shall be appointed by the Executive. The Auditor so appointed shall be a member of the New Zealand Society of Accountants. The Auditor shall not be an officer of Whitewater NZ. They shall audit the accounts of the Association and are authorised to call for the production of all books, papers and documents relating to the affairs of the Association.

    Instead, we consider that an accountant's review is a more appropriate and cost-effective standard. We therefore propose that clause 43 should be re-worded, as follows:
    A suitably-qualified accountant shall be appointed by the Executive each year to undertake a review of the Association's financial statements. The reviewer shall not be an officer of Whitewater NZ. They shall review the accounts of the Association and are authorised to call for the production of all books, papers and documents relating to the affairs of the Association.

    Motion to amend clause 43 of the constitution with text above. Moved: Doug Rankin/Bruce Leslie, CARRIED.

    Motion to accept the draft accounts: Moved: Graeme Wilson/Doug Rankin, CARRIED,

    Motion Shane Colville be appointed as the reviewer for accounts. Moved: Graeme Wilson/Doug Rankin, CARRIED.

    Motion to hold membership fees at current levels. Moved: Graeme Wilson/Ian Fox, CARRIED.

    Motion to accept minutes from 2015 AGM. Moved: Graeme/Jonathan Hunt, CARRIED.

    Motion to accept 2016 Annual Report, with correction to Patron's report "p4, para3: we do not represent all these people." (WWNZ does represent BugSports Club Inc.) Moved: Graeme Wilson/Doug Rankin, CARRIED.

12:15pm Lunch (provided)
1:30pm Matt Bennett - kayaking safety: "The Experts Are Wrong, or how not to die when you know it all", followed by discussion
3:00pm Graeme Wilson presented the Whitewater NZ Conservation Strategy summarising the document, the rationale.
Canoeist of the year - discussion of nominations and voting:
- Luuka Jones - nominated by Ian Fox & Alan Hoffman
- Bruce Dando - nominated by Andy England, Mick Hopkinson, Robin RB
- Alan 'Sarge" Hoffmann, nominated by Antz Longman & Gordon Rayner, COW
- Dylan Thompson - nominated by Sarah-Jane Luoni, Justin Venable.
Canoeist of the Year 2016 awarded to Luuka Jones.
Nominations for life membership
Motion: Bruce Dando should be awarded Life Membership. Moved: Ian Fox/Martina Naplawa, CARRIED.
Alan 'Sarge" Hoffmann and Kirsty Hoffman should be awarded Life Membership. Moved: Janette Kear/Ian Fox CARRIED. Mick Hopkinson should be awarded Life Membership. Moved: Ian Fox/Graeme Wilson, CARRIED.
Election of Officers
Motion: That we interpret application for roles of President and Vice-President as a review of organisation structure to put to the membership. Moved: Shaun McCracken/Graeme Wilson, CARRIED.
  • Patron: Hugh Canard (Graeme Wilson/Ian Fox), elected unopposed.
  • President: Nigel Parry (Robin Rutter-Baumann/Graeme Wilson), elected unopposed.
  • Vice President: Robin Rutter-Baumann (Nigel Parry/Ian Fox), elected unopposed.
  • NI Conservation: Isaac Bain (Doug Rankin/Phil Clunies-Ross), elected unopposed.
  • Conservation: Doug Rankin (Isaac Bain/Martina Naplawa), elected.
  • Treasurer: Marnie Fornusek (Graeme Wilson/Doug Rankin), elected unopposed.
  • Membership: Justin Venable (Doug Rankin/Graeme Wilson), elected unopposed.
  • Communications: Carey Lintott (Martina Naplawa/Graeme Wilson), elected unopposed.
  • Safety: Ashley 'Cheese' Cheesman (Shaun McCracken/Ian Fox), elected unopposed.
  • Education: Aaron Osbourne (Graeme Wilson/Ian Fox), elected unopposed.
  • Access: James Rae (Graeme Wilson/Martina Naplawa), elected unopposed.
  • Webmaster: Jonathan Hunt (Graeme Wilson/Doug Rankin), elected unopposed.
4:36pm Closed

Attendees are invited to join the Whitewater NZ Executive for dinner at a Christchurch establishment (Tandoori Palace) on Saturday evening.

Graeme Wilson