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Whakamarino/Piripaua release


I thoroughly enjoyed the Whakamarino/Piripaua release back in May.
I thought there was a sign saying there would be another release in November, but there is nothing in the Events Calendar here.

Does anyone know if there is going to be another release this year?



Kayaking Whakatane river

Hi I was wanting some info on the section of Whakatane river from Ngahirama hut down to Ruatoki road.
Assume it is grade 1-2 maybe some grade 3? Was planning a inflatable kayak fishing trip for 3-4 days dropping in at the hut with a chopper and floating down.
Any tricky bits? If someone has done this trip any info would be appreciated.

Updated River Flow websites for Tongariro, Mohaka (Mc Vicars) and also NIWA flows overall.

Hi Guys,
I have been doing some research for a school trip and found some updates for the old links that do not work on the Following rivers:
Tongariro: https://preview.genesisenergy.co.nz/tongariro-riverflow-release

Mohaka: at Mc Vicars, https://hydrowebportal.niwa.co.nz/Data/Location/Summary/Location/21867/I...

NIWA river flows country wide:

Hopefully this will be useful info for those instructing and learning this year.


Trees in Lower Kakapotahi

Heads up if you're planning to paddle on the West Coast. There are now two serious bits of wood in the lower Kakapotahi gorge. The first is below the second drop, and roughly in line with the bottom of the first eddy, top of the second eddy on left, after 2nd drop. At medium to high flows it may not be able to be seen.

The second tree is almost out of sight, when scouting from the vantage point high on the bluff on river right. Both trees are right across the river with no safe passage and may be present for quite some time. Portage is your best option, thanks to Gareth Fryer for the info.

Karamea Heli-Rafting Trip in the next week or 2?

Hi everyone,

Is anyone out there interested in a great whitewater rafting trip in the next week or two?

The trip I am trying to organize is a run that looks really good, involving grade V rapids and a heli ride to start. Full trip details here:
http://rivers.co.nz/1-day-karamea/ [I'm not going to be guiding it, just a paddler]

The trip can happen once there are 3 other people signed up, since I am traveling solo. I'm looking for people who want to join in on the fun.

Even though this is exciting rapids, people who are new to rafting are certainly welcome!

Lost paddle in Waihohonu

A Streamlyte fiberglass paddle with gold blades was lost at the end of the Waihohonu run. Reward if found in useable condition.

Beech tree in Waihohonu river

There is a beech tree in the river immediately upstream of the first portage. It will not clear anytime soon without sawing work to remove the limbs. Portage greatly recommended.

Clarence river map


It would be much appreciated if someone could point me in the direction in a suitable map of the Clarence river detailing start/finish points, access road and rapids (not necessary but would be ideal). I can find general maps with camp locations but not the above mentioned.


Access to Toaroha (Hokitika, West Coast)

We went in there on Monday and talked to the farmer (at the dairy shed on your right as you turn onto the gravel) who said the group of paddlers in there a couple of days earlier had damaged some of the gates, creating a short in his electric fence. He said it took them the better part of a day to track down and fix the issue, leaving him out of pocket and wasted time.
He's looking at putting on a charge of $50 per paddler per year to get access beyond the top carpark by the shed where the DOC track starts.

Paddling the Clutha River?

Hi there.

I have just brought a beautiful Venture hunter Canoe and am trying to find out some information on paddling the Clutha River.

I have spent countless hours looking around the web trying to find information, but haven't had much luck.

Would ideally like to start at Lake Wanaka and paddle through to the outlet at Kaka point, I understand there are the dams that need to be portaged, But just after any information on the grades of the various sections, eg. From Wanaka-Lake cromwell, Clyde Dam- to Alex, and Alex through to Roxburgh etc....

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