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Paddling the Clutha River?

Hi there.

I have just brought a beautiful Venture hunter Canoe and am trying to find out some information on paddling the Clutha River.

I have spent countless hours looking around the web trying to find information, but haven't had much luck.

Would ideally like to start at Lake Wanaka and paddle through to the outlet at Kaka point, I understand there are the dams that need to be portaged, But just after any information on the grades of the various sections, eg. From Wanaka-Lake cromwell, Clyde Dam- to Alex, and Alex through to Roxburgh etc....

Classic Kiwi runs??

I'm looking at doing all of the classic New Zealand rivers. The rivers that have meaning or a story behind them. please give suggestions all are welcome.

Motu trip

anyone keen for Motu on Queen's Birthday long weekend?

river wide tree in the whakataiki

At low flows this is less of a hazard (id say below 1500mm) on the akatarawa guage and there may be a sneak through the middle but at high flows like we paddled in the wake of this last weather bomb (1700+) on the akatarawa guage this poses a compulsory portage.
it is about half way down between the ford and the confluence with the main whakataiki river. no other new hazards to mention from yesterdays run.

safe paddleing

Tree in Waihohonu

There is a large beach tree in the Waihohonu River about 5 minutes below the portages. At this stage it is sitting across a pool and can be paddled under on the river left. The next big water event will probably dislodge it so be careful as when it breaks up it will scatter debris through the lower section. It is just above where the water flows down the mossy cliff face.

Lost spraydeck near Queenstown

Due to plain idiocy, my deck has vanished somewhere between the Dogleg put-in and Frankton. It's a playboater work deck, broken elastic at the back. I'm not holding out much hope, but figured it's worth posting.

Lost/Broken VE's on the Waihohonu

If anyone see's my VE black cranked paddle on the Waihohonu Sunday 15th Jan, it decided to clean break down the middle of the right blade whilst in use. I had to leave it behind in the gorge, about 500m downstream of the roadbridge and paddle out with splits. If anyone see's it can you photo / film it as it would help with my insurance claim and or take it out with you to help me with de-littering the river. Thanks in advance

At 2 flex foam core full carbon for swaps

Mint condition.
Wanting to swap for a powerhouse or sho gun 197

At 2 flex foam core full carbon for swaps

Mint condition.
Wanting to swap for a powerhouse or sho gun 197

Exploring Nz 16-29th Jan, whitewater sup ideas

Hi guys I am a whitewater sup from Australia who is heading over with my board, have built my trip into a cruise so starting from southern side Dunedin and working my way up the coast. I'd love to do a few day trips to whitewater sup but have no idea on where to sus out, I would love to hear from those who can suggest da runs, I'm experienced uptown level 4 so keen to sus out all options, I start dunedian,akaRoa ,Wellington,Napier,Tauranga,Auckland,bay of islands...
any help appreciated

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