New Reserch into How Alcohol Relates to Kayaking Experiences

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Hi all,

I am currently conducting a small research investigation into how alcohol currently relates to our recreational kayaking experiences in this country.

This research comes about due to NZ's heavy drinking culture we appear to have in general society.

I am interviewing kayakers in the canterbury area and am currently searching out a few more people to get opionions, stories, concerns, experiences or non-experiences on the subject.

Those who are keen to have their say on the subject (good, bad or otherwise) please comment below or contact me via email.

Those who are too lazy to want to speak to me, feel free to post a comment below about how you feel about drinking and its effect on your experiences. You may want to disscuss experiences of kayaking festivals, ‘bootie skulls’ as a form of punishment, kayaking hung-over, role models (no names) and the way we celebrate/socialise with alcohol.