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Hi there. Would be keen for any tips as to a stable creek boat for a six foot one learner of 85 kg. Keen for something that gives a stable ride and which is forgiving. Any recommendations greatly appreciated!

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Just a note that among the most common credited are the bliss-stick mystic and the riot magnum, I know a guy who must be about 6foot and uses one so I think it would be big enough, and the mystics are known for being big so...

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Most modern creek boats are good. Avoid ones with very flat bottoms (like H2s) or reputations for problems (ummm). At 6'1 you'll need one of the larger ones.

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Hey buddy, we might just have what you are after here at Fergs Kayaks Wellington. Give us a call here to disscuss some options and we will be more than happy to sort you out!

04 499 8898

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Give me a call at PaddlerZone and I'll be happy to offer advice.

03 372 3353