"Wild Swimming"

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Hi there,

Im sure someone on this forum can help me. I was wondering if anyones familiar with the Wild Swimming craze thats becoming popular in the U.K for example swimming the local rivers mainly for the scenery (but the odd rapid here and there would be cool too.)

I would love to get into this, I know there is a 20 min swim from Polarus Bridge in the SOuth Island, in fact theres a youtube clip if youre interested


I guess in the colder rivers the swim time would be limited anyway, but does anyone know of some good stretches river one could just float down for a couple of hours or even half a day, without getting run over by the shotover jet?

better still if the clarity was good snorkeling would be fun, that reminds me, I think there also a small swim from below Pupu springs.. something like the above mentioned but for a couple of hours or more..?

Thanks heaps in advance