Auckland tidal surf wave under a bridge


Can anyone tell me where this is please? I know it's in Auckland somewhere... and that it's under a motorway bridge.

I found it on this site , but the contact e-mail address doesn't work.

Thank you :-)


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so is this wave still surfable?

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Thanks for the extra info (and writing the page in the first place!)

That's a shame that it's not as good as it used to be. I've got a long surf boat so I think it will be ok, but still. I wonder if we can remove the silt... maybe there are some engineers on here :-).

I'll try Orakei too.

My boat's being shipped over from the UK at the moment, so I'll look into meeting some people or joining a club or something when it arrives. Hopefully end of February.

Thanks again.

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Hi Stephan,

That's my very old site. Don't know how you found it as I thought it got deleted years ago.

The boat should give away how old it is - probably 1996. I stand by the evilness of the boils on players left when we were paddling it regularly. 5 seconds of downtime in a Turbo is quite an evil eddyline. Cross overs between 3m plus kayaks is quite a large wave.

Unfortunately the wave is not as big as it used to be due to major silting up of the area above the motorway resulting in a lot less water flowing through the bridge. I last paddled it about 10 years ago in a Riot 007 and couldn't even surf the wave.

Our rules for whether it was worth paddling were:
Tide >4.5m, 2 hours after high tide to get some time on the water before the wave got to its best.
The best conditions were when there is a low over the country and the wind is blowing into the inlet. This would push a lot more water in, resulting in a better wave although the best time was usually a bit later.

WARNING - very sharp pacific oysters. The eddy on the side involves rubbing along the oyster covered concrete wall. Any walking/swimming usual results in cut up feet or shoes.

There was a group trying to put gates on that area and make something similar to Orakei Basin. I was pushing for creation of a play wave as part of that build so would attend the meetings etc. Nothing happened though.

Try Orakei Basin for something similar. You need to check when they open the gates. We spent a while checking it out, but at that stage Orakei was not a healthy place to be getting wet. A lot of work has been done recently to improve the water quality and the new walkway makes access a lot easier.

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I think the wave is at its best approx. 2 hours after high tide (when it's on its way out creating flow under the bridge).
There is a little concrete launching pad at Pescara Point, but once you're done on the wave you have a little slog back through the mud as the tide has receded :)

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Thanks very much, that's great!

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If you're heading south from Auckland City. You wanna take the Beach Road/Papakura offramp. Take a right onto Hingaia Road and another right onto Harbourside Road. Drive all the way down to Pescara Point, from there you should be able to see the bridge and rapid.

You need to time it with a decent high tide level, otherwise it's not worth the effort in my opinion. The write up seems like a bit of an over-exaggeration.. Good luck!