Two kayakers

Hi !we're two class iv-v Quebecers in your beautiful country to do as much kayak as we CAN for thé next 4 month.

Feel free to contact me at of you have any availability to paddle With us.

Neilson and Bianca.

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Hey guys, lemme know if you venture up the West Coast. I'm in Hokitika looking for a crew. Not sure what is running, if anything, at the moment but you can contact me at 027 896 8319. Also - you should check out the locals' Tuesday night paddle on the Roaring Meg section of the Kawarau, meet at the takeout 6 p.m., it's a good place to meet folks round there to mission up the coast with. Cheers. -Kate

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Hi Kate!

Thanks for thé information ! Our mission is now to buy two kayaks and paddles to be ready to jump in a crew. Now we're in queenstown and we plan to move to Christchurch to buy our gear after tomorrow.

Are you travelling or you stay for good in hookitika.

Feel free to tell us of you havé à plan soon. We're 4 month here and we're not attraid to do km to be on a river With à good Level!

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We are now in Queenstown