wanaka, much boating?

Hello. just arrived in wanaka. Is there much Kayaking here? (Can't see a lot in guidebook)

Keen to get out if anyone in area fancy's a paddle, ideally grade 4 an up.

cheers Ewan

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Well bro, when I paddled it at what was a decent level, that what I would call it. Go and check it out for yourself though. You can scout everything easily and its a beautiful walk in up to the plateau.

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Lol, I'd check the online guidebook before paddling the "grade 2/3" Young, but there's loads of wee creeks towards the Haast pass that have been done but not written about. Have you caught up with Roy Bailey and the COW crew? They would be a good bunch to ask. Look up Central Otago Whitewater or Wakatipu Whitewater on Facebook.

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Hey bro, check out the Young and Wilkin. I've only paddled the young but its a cool run. Takes about an hour and a half to walk up from memory and is just out at Makarora about 35 min drive from Wanaka. About a grade two or three with a couple of harder drops. Beautiful run though needs a bit of rain.