anyone paddled the waiari at high flow?

Paddled it multiple times without rain anyone know what its like after a decent pour down?

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don't go there man... next time you paddle it have a look at the area a bit more carefully. it will flash, new logs every time it rains. the walls will become undercut and holes/whirlpools will pop up all over the place.

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Have to be careful of wood and slips coming down if paddling in high flow. I live near the river and have paddled it a fair few times. After every flood we take it slow as there is always new wood. You also need to consider whether you would still be able to scout/walk the waterfall as there are very few eddies above and the get out spot isnt very easy at normal flow.

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I'd be REAL careful in there after this high wind has been through. Hey you could do a fly over scout. Or wait for Dan to do a run.