Jeffs Joy Access

Would anyone that has run this recently be able to advise on access to the get-out. It would appear this is 2-3 km rd that requires a permit, a $50 fee, driver licenses, names, etc all for a 5 min journey. Pragmatically, is this palava really necessary?

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Thanks heaps Terry, Andrew Nick and "ocekayak". Terry if you could send a copy of the letter to jojo or myself at that would be most appreciated. Cheers.

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Send it round Terry, that'd be great! :o)

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I've also dealt directly with Timberlands, and no fees required for kayakers - most of the access is public easement as long as you're only using the three roads where the rafting companies go.

However they do prefer us to advise ISCL of intentions to go through the forest and provide as much detail possible with the registration form to be completed,

It doesn't take long and keeps a good relationship. It's just being respectful and courteous! You can just get one person to fill in the reg form for your entire party.

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Top is good to go, 10min cruisy walk in and sub-5 min walk out, a couple of trees in the river but none in rapids! 26/3/12

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FYI there is currently trees blocking the road to the top.
The mid is even worse and the getout is blocked also :(
The top is about a 15min+ walkin with boats...

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Technically yes because they have neglected to add the take out road to there map but practically no don't worry about any permits. I've inquired with the forestry access people and its really just an oversight on their part. The main idea is that rafters and kayakers have fee access to the river provided we dont go driving all over the forest. I've highlighted the take out and the put in on the map they sent me and the NO PERMIT REQUIRED on the letter that went with it. We leave these on the dash of our vehicles like the old permit system required as this seems to help with the break in problems to. I can fax a copy to you if you need.