Kayak in NZ (will live in Rotorua)

Hi !
I'm a french student coming for an internship between June and September in Rotorua. I love kayaking and would like to find people to go kayaking during the weekends. I would like to discover as many beautiful rivers as possible, from grade III to grade V.
Please let me know if you're motivated to go kayaking with me. Some persons told me the meeting point is at Okere Falls store, so I hope I will meet some people there !
Thanks a lot and see you soon !

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hey. I'm on the area and will buy a boat soon. If you're keen on going paddling call me : 02 20 59 85 83 or send me an email : etienne.sahuguet@mines-paristech.fr

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Hey man ill be in the area at the end of june right through winter. There are a lot of paddlers in the area, the local river, which is the Kaituna which is in the middle of Okere falls just about always has some body paddling down it and most people are happy to let you tag along. The Kaituna is grade 3-4.