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Hey guys & girls,
I'd like to get a gauge on how many people would use a mobile site for checking the flow of (a) river(s).
I've got some free time on my hands so I have started collating the data from the various council sites into one spot for a sort of on-the-fly check.

Would you use it? What info would you like to see included?

You can see what I'm talking about here Hurunui SH1 it needs to be made "pretty" but that's a job for the future if there was enough interest.


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I may have a long time ago but you're right that's probably a bit more visible than the forum.

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Hi Dan

I maintain the Whitewater NZ Facebook page. Have you popped this on there? You may get some more feed back



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Hey guys,
I've been playing around further with the site and have it given a bit of re-vamp in the look and feel department.

Still struggling to get some of the north island data (and I'm not keen on publishing partial regions but will if there is demand), the councils are not making this easier to come by, and some of this data is being displayed graphically rather than raw data which makes it even harder to strip out.

Slowly adding some new features
- on river warnings
- favourites across browsers
- stats on some of the more popular rivers
- integrating charts for x number of days on flow levels.

Anyway, for those using the site I hope you like the changes and as always feedback is welcome either here, via the site or via my email

Happy Paddling!

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The last couple of weeks I've made some changes to the site, you can now 'bookmark' your favourite rivers to the main page, Otago rivers have been added as have Southland rivers.

I will be looking to add West Coast rivers soon - which should then cover the entire south island.

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I have done some of this - if you bookmark on your phone/tablet you can access some of the rivers in the south island - if you don't use a mobile device it will flick to a desktop version - which has no data in it yet (work in progress)

If you had ideas/suggestions please let me know! and share the link around the more people that use it the more incentive I have to continue adding features and improving the site.


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Sounds like a great idea

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Hey guys,
I have transferred what has been started to a New Zealand server now, currently it is focusing on the Canterbury Region, with West coast, Tasman and Marlborough flows to follow soon it's a (simple?) matter of converting the data provided by the councils into a easy way of maintaining.

But so far, every hour the site queries the council(s) for the latest data and then output's it back in a useful? way.

What I need now is for people to test/use (break) the site and provide some feedback on good/bad points; word of mouth works a treat so for those in clubs or manage stores in the Canterbury region can you suggest to others to try it too.

New NZ site


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Cool, well I shall continue working with what I've got adding more rivers as I process the relevant council sites - I may move it to a NZ server but for now I'll leave it on the UK one.

Thanks Jonathan for that link, I will pursue that further and see what "clean" data I can get and nag each council as I visit their site :)

Cheers Dave, biggest issue at the moment is getting the data for these rivers - currently by processing each page on the council websites!! If you visit the link(s) Jonathan has put up and start 'nagging' your council to make this data accessible (RSS feed would suffice) by the time they hear from me they may have already set something up!

Duly noted Tim, I am thinking I will need to break it down by Island/Region/River etc

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Yes, I think this would be very useful.

We often end up difficultly trying to get the flows through this site on a mobile when you're out and about and don't have access to a pc.

All I think that is really needed is the current flow and the time stamp for that flow. Your site already looks good probably the other main thing would be quick/easy navigation, i.e. maybe a list with big links.



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That sounds like an amazing idea, it would take some doing but in the long run it would make everyones lives much easier... if there is anything we can do to help please drop us a line.


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I think mobile flows would be very useful. I'm been toying with such an idea for some time, so it's good to see other people keen. With the push to open government data (see ) councils should be making their data more available, but some still have out-dated, restrictive copyright terms on their data. The more people asking for this data to be opened up the better. If you are talking to councils, please ask them to license the data per NZGOAL ( ) to allow reuse & republication.