Hawea River

Hey guys was just wondering if anyone new what the Hawea river
was like to paddle and are there any hazards, also an estimate of
how long it would take from the dam wall to where it meets the clutha.


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It's flowing quite high at the moment, which means ther are not many eddies and there are lots of willow trees on the banks. You can view the flow here http://water.orc.govt.nz/WaterInfo/Site.aspx?s=CampHill

You can put in below the dam, or at Camp Hill Bridge. Would recommend taking out at the Alberttown Camping Ground, as there isn't an easy takeout directly at the confluence.

Best flow is around 15-30cumecs for running the river and having lots of good eddies.

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There is a few strainers to look out for, especaly if you have beginers with you. depending on the flow and how much you paddle a long the flat I would say between 4-6hours. You can get out at half way at the road bridge or 3/4 of the way at the slalom site if if taking longer than you think.