Blackball Creek - Until wood debris has cleared this run is risky and its fun factor is lost. Paddled on Sun 14th July 2012.

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Due to heavy snowfall (which closed the access road for a while), the area has large debris including trees and branches on the banks and in the rivers. Therefore both Smokeho Creek and Blackball Creek have an excessive amount of wood in the river and on their banks. This also closed access for a while.


Smokeho Creek - is hard to paddle and wood blockages will force kayakers to portage, which is very slow going due to the wood debris also on the banks.

Blackball Creek - From Smokeho Creek to Crux rapid - there are many trees that have fallen and are hanging over the river edges. This reduces river line options for kayakers. Additional rapids and drops have been formed due to logjams and pose a significant danger for kayakers. In addition rapids have wood in them. As above, portaging is slow due to wood debris on the riverbanks.

Blackball Creek - Crux rapid - Two large trees are perched on the main drop, one with its root system laying on the rock facing upstream with its upper parts resting on river left. The second tree has its root system butted up against the upstream tree and is facing down stream in a river right direction. The slip still makes portaging easy.

Blackball Creek - Crux rapid down to the take out - Wood hazards are significantly reduced and portaging is much easier.


Until the river is cleared by natural processes this run is risky and therefore, in my opinion, has lost its fun factor.

Please make any updates to this report when subsequent descents are made.