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We are coming from UK to New Zealand Feb/March 2013. Can anyone recommend anywhere to go open canoeing in a Canadian in the South Island and where to hire canoes or recommend any guided tours? We can only find kayaking which is fine but we prefer the Canadian and have seen several pictures but nowhere to hire apart from one which seems very expensive. We are sorted in the North Island.
Thanks everyone.


Nikie's picture

Look into the Clarence River and the Clutha Rivers :)

Gill Hawkins's picture

Thanks for that, I will see if I can find out anything about the rivers you mention. We have only found one company who would take us on a trip on The Clutha River from Alexandra but they want double the price of a similar trip we are doing in North Island and we don't know why there should be that much difference in price. We've seen photos of people in canoes paddling various waters but only the one company who does these trips.

nphollis's picture

Hi Gill,

I do a fair bit of open boating in the States and have kept an eye out on the rivers I've seen since arriving here in Timaru on the south Island. The Dart River and a couple other near Queenstown have some canoeing accessible by jetboat. If you're looking for longer, multiday trips I would guess the Waimakariri from Arthur's Pass down would be a fun paddle, if you're comfortable on grade II water. Best of luck, and I'd be interested in knowing what you find out!