Access to Kakapotahi River is restricted this summer and subject to change

I've created this thread as an easy option to keep people informed as to the state of access to this fabulous run. As outlined on the home page ( access is going to be limited this summer. The owners of the forest have indicated that the road closure dates might change. This thread will hopefully allow Andy, myself, or people paddling the run, to keep interested kayakers up to date this summer.

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Now Open

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Looks like access to the Kakapotahi river may close end of this week. Contractors are working ahead of schedule. Temporary signs should go up quickly and the gate will be locked.

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Works still due to start, probably about the end of next weekend (around the 17th Feb). This has worked out pretty well. Thanks to Andy England and Sean Bellamy (Access officer) for making this work as well as it could in the circumstances.

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It looks like access to the Kakapotahi river is on course to be closed in mid to late February.
The harvest contractor is expected to start mid to late February dependent on his progress through his last setting.