South Island Boating - December 3 to December 13

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Hi there,

I'll be on the South Island from December 3 to December 13 and will be looking to paddle everyday. Looking to warm up on class 4 and see how things go from there. I would really like to get on some multidays.

Any advice on where to stage myself for the best opportunities to meet kayakers?

Or is anyone on here okay with another boater joining their group?

Any help would be great!



kevinheiner's picture

Hey Ben, I'll also be looking for paddling partners on the South Island in the same time frame. I haven't nailed down all the runs I hope to do by any means but will be looking for partners as I will be traveling with my wife who is not really into kayaking. I also like overnighters and perhaps it will work out for us to meet up. I'll be looking to paddle class 4-5. We'll be in NZ from November 29-December 29 and will be on the South Island around the same time you are though I will not kayak everyday in that time period. I am waiting for my NZ WW book to arrive, but definitely hope to get on a chopper to access some of the finest that west coast boating in NZ has to offer and will be looking for a good crew! My email is and I'm on FB.