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Hi, I'm a class 3-4 boater from the US and I will be on the North Island from November 17th to 25th. I would love to paddle the Kaituna and other rivers if possible, but I haven't been able to find a place to rent boats/equipment. I'm not planning on bringing anything there, but I could bring a PFD, helmet, and spray skirt (I'd also like to know any info on whether it would be beneficial to bring this equipment). Is there a good place to rent this equipment? Also I'm wondering if anyone is interested in paddling with me!

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I'm an American woman and just arrived in New Zealand on Tuesday. I'm still trying to find a vehicle, but if I get one in the next few days, I want to hit up the Kaituna this weekend. I'll have to borrow/rent a boat as I'll be heading to the Bliss-Stick factory Monday so won't have my boat yet, but I have the rest of the gear. If you have any other suggestions or if anyone else has a boat I could borrow that would be great! I usually paddle a Mini Mystic, but I cou

I'd love to join up with someone familiar with the river to show me down. I'm a class III/VI- paddler but looking to paddle a lot here. My mobile is 022.308.6038.


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I'm leaving tomorrow night from the states, but won't get into NZ until 2 on Saturday. I may be able to go Sunday if you will be down there. I'll give you a call when I get into Auckland.

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oh yeah I see that. There is a guy who sells kayak gear and is right by the Kaituna. You could ask him about using a boat for a few days, he has demo boats. Web site is Ill more than likely be at the kaituna this weekend so let me know if you want me to bring along the Burn. I have a paddle you could use also. See you there, Andy

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I only have 1 week and I'd like to surf a bit too, so I think working at the factory wouldn't work. Thanks a lot for the info. I'll def bring as much gear as I can, not sure if I'll be able to bring my paddle, however. I would be forever grateful if I could use your boat, anything you want from the states I can bring to NZ for you?

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Hey. Only place I know of to hire gear is murchison in the south Island. Gear is generally expensive here especially compared to the us!, bring all your clothing, deck, pfd, helmet etc.. and paddle if possible. Have you looked into doing a weeks work at the blissstick factory. You work the week with accomodation, do some boating on the rangitikei and get your choice of boat for around $700 nz I think. You can pick up decent second hand boats for $700 to $1000. I also have a spare med burn, is a little banged up but would be fine for Kaituna and Wairoa, you would be welcome to use that a few times if we met up. Kaituna is sweet place to meet people, just turn up and you will usually find someone to paddle with. My mob is 0220458527, give me a call when you get to NZ.

Cheers Andy