looking for boat for one month

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I'm going ot NZ South Island for one month and thinking about boat. Can you recommend me where to hire a creek boat and how much does it cost for 25 days? or is it cheaper to buy one and then sell it again?
I'm still not sure where will I be exactly but most probably somewhere in westcoast, if there will be enough water during january.
Any advice apreciated :)

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thank you for your info guys. My friend in NZ probably solved that. He is able to borrow me a boat there cheap, halleluyah :)

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New Zealand Kayak school in Murchison rents kayaks I think....

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Would probably be cheaper to buy and sell a boat. There's Paddlerzone.co.nz in Christchurch and NZ kayak school in Murchison.

Or you can rent my boat. It is in Auckland ATM though.

If you have any other question, give me an email